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Poster: travelinteardrop Date: Jul 31, 2004 5:41am
Forum: forums Subject: newbie SOS

I'm new to the site and I need to download some Max Creek. I installed all the neccessary tools ie: zip file, etree, FTS got on the mailing list but I am inside some wacky loop. Everytime I try to download it sends me to another page and another and then I have to install something else then I am back where I startd. ??? Somebody please help me!!

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Poster: glenn Date: Jul 31, 2004 7:09am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: newbie SOS
there is a FAQ that could help^^^

if not:
right click on the link, copy it, and paste it into a post here, I'll take a look and see where you are stuck?
What file type are you tryingto get (mp3? shn?)
also, tell me what browser you are using?
are you planning todownload by ftp? or http?
("I don't know."is a perfectly fine answer.

If you are really really lost, just put down the date of the Max Creek show you want. Someone will help you pretty quickly.. I'll check back on this site later and make sure you got an answer.

Generally, to download a file, you
click the file name of the show, which takes you to a page that offers various formats... different file-type versions of the show.
this page has a link to 'download options' or 'ftp information'and maybe a link called 'individual songs'
if you are downloading by ftp you go to the ftp page, and use the info there in your ftp client,
if you are downloadingusing internet explorer, mozilla, or another browser, right-click on the file link, select 'save' or 'copy target' or the equivalent in your browser...

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Poster: travelinteardrop Date: Aug 1, 2004 1:13pm
Forum: forums Subject: Re: newbie SOS
Glenn thanks for your help. I realized after I went into other concerts that the link above does not have the format chose to download from. That is got me confused. If you look at that link, please let me know if I missing something and if there is a way I can downlaod those sets. Thank you so much.

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Poster: glenn Date: Aug 2, 2004 8:27am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: newbie SOS (needs admin attention)

some shows are not available in lossy formats...
mp3 and ogg vorbis,for instance

ok,here we go,I'm looking at that page,

"LOSSLESS" this is a link to the entire show in flac format(to set your computer up to use flac, download and execute the flac installer:
it's a tiny download)
continuing down the left side of the max creek page :
the next link,
"Individual songs" points to a page with the files individually, on that page you will want to download the .md5 file and .txt textfile from the bottom section. the textfilehas show info and the md5 file is a checksum to verify file integrity, see:
each one I tried pointed to a 'you do not have permission to access this directory' page. Not supposed to happen ... (simon? any clues there?)
going back to the original page:
the next link, "FTP Information" points to a page with information you would need to download by FTP, including a link to a FAQ that will help you get started using ftp. I prefer using ftp, so I would follow the link to the ftp page, and enter the address and directory info found there into my ftp client. for what it's worth I use SmartFTP but am planning a transition to Filezilla instead because it's open source,which I tend to prefer.

the next link is "help with downloads", points to a page that likely has all the info I could give you and more. recommended reading.
in the next section, is the 'report errors ' link, which you can use if there is some missing file or other similar problem at the end.

On the right side of the page, you will find the same links to individual files as on the 'individual songs' page... THESE LINKS ARE ALSO SENDING me to the same 'access denied' message... not supposed to be like that, lucky you to stumble on it.

SO, bottom line, it seems that the 2 options which might be available are
1) entire show link,
the one that is titled "LOSSLESS".. this will download a zip file containing the show in flac format... it's a big file, on a slow connection I think it would be preferable to download one at a time, or using an ftp client or using a download manager that can resume a download...
since the one at a time option is unavailable...
option 2)
"FTP Information" link >
enter the address and directory info into your ftp client...
[this I now do...]
[ok, I'm back...]
lucky lucky you, when I tried to download the .flac files from the remote directory, I get a "file and/or directory not found" message.
Not right.
But!, I did try to download the file:
from the remote directory:
and it downloaded fine.
If you don't have an ftp client and don't intend to install one ( I do recommend usinfftp,through an ftpclientlike smartftp and filezilla, which are both free,and which both work and neither has trojans or ads attached )
that ftp directory can be accessed through most of the newer browsers by typing the ftp address:
into the address bar...
NOTE: (!) this directory contains several filetypes, soyou will need to select the files you want,in other words you probably don't want to download
since all 3 are different resolution versions of the same song.
hope this helped...
go read some of those resources while you download, and I'll go use that report errors link and let folk know there's a problem.

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